Dealing With Dog Poop In The Winter Months Is Really A Nuisance - Discover The Best Way To Make It E

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Published: 01st December 2010
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Handling dog poop in the cold wintertime is easy if you can easily just let it sit in the yard until early spring. But, when you do not possess a large backyard, the cold temperatures can create several additional issues connected to dog poo pick-up. The wintry season brings with it freezing temperatures, darkness and snow. Every one of these brings about a distinctive challenge connected to picking up dog poo.

Freezing Weather Conditions - Cold temperatures can cause the dog poop to freeze to the ground. When this happens to frequently, you have a truly large mess when the temperatures rise.

Lack of daylight - By the time you get home from work it is too dark outside to locate the poop.

Snow - When it snows the dog poop gets smothered and you can't see it. This results in an even uglier mess every time the snow melts.

There is some great news related to dealing with dog poop in the winter months. Since it is very frigid outdoors, the dog poo gets frozen. The nice thing about it is that it means it does not smell. This means you could ignore the step of depositing the waste into the small bags. It is ok to toss the dog waste right into your collection bucket.

The collection container you begin using in the wintertime must be different than the 1 from the summer time. In the summer season you need a plastic waste can lined with several garbage bags, along with a cover. The lid will be to contain the stink. During the winter, the problem is the extra snowfall you'll get with the poo. You need to have an old bucket (with holes), a wire basket, an old plastic-type dairy crate, etcetera or anything else that can remain outside and can contain the poo but still permit some of the liquid to run out as the snowfall melts. Then weekly you can remove the waste right into the regular waste bag and toss it.

A electric power snow scoop had to be our greatest discovery from the latest winter. This is basically a light weight snow shovel. You don't need to clear a huge area, only the spot around the rope the dogs are on. Make sure you also reduce the length on the chain during the winter. You definitely do not want to shell out funds on a full-blown snow blower just for dog poo pick up. However most of these lightweight types are less than $100. These are good when it comes to keeping a ten foot radius in the back yard free of snow. Because you keep the snowfall off of the surface then the dog poop cannot get buried. Employing this electrical power scoop can make the dog waste pick-up job far easier to handle during the wintertime.

One additional alternative for handling dog waste in the winter is by using fake grass. Find a 3' x 3' block of imitation turf, put it right by the back door, and coach your dog to poop on the fake turf. Obviously this consists of a little bit of coaching. But, the teaching hassle is really worth it since afterward all you will have to do for pickup patrol is take a couple of steps outside the house.


Dealing with dog waste pickup is an enormous pain. It can be icky and smelly and everyone hates it. But it's also unavoidable that you have to handle it. You really should decide on a system regarding your dog waste for those who have a dog without a big backyard. It can be succesfully done, but it can take some time to establish what works best for you.

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